Click on "Directions" on the map to obtain precise directions to Fintry, Stirlingshire, in Scotland, from wherever you are.

Using the postcode "G63 0LW" on Google Maps (or your Sat Nav) may direct you to the North Drive Entrance to Culcreuch Estate, but entrance is via the South Drive Entrance (opposite the sports club, inside the village) as a one way system operates round the estate.

Phone Reception (01360 860555) if you lose your way and we will "talk you in", for you may not easily find anyone else to ask in this quiet part of Scotland...

Local Bus: Please note that there is no local bus service to Fintry.

Train: Stirling is the nearest mainline station for Fintry and Culcreuch Castle Hotel.

Local Taxi: Crescent Cabs in Fintry